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Who Are We?

At AccelerateHer(AXH), we collaborate with change-driven femxles to accelerate entrepreneurial ideas and consult growth-stage companies in order to strengthen key skills and influence of femxle leaders in the business world.

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What We Do

Driven to develop problem-solvers and leaders of tomorrow, our Startup Weekends, Innovation Fellowship and Professional Development are aimed towards fostering a community of confident femxle entrepreneurs and industry experts.
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Our Vision

Our organization's vision is to give femxle and non-binary identifying individuals a collaborative, innovative, and inclusive space to become confident entrepreneurs and business people. Our organization encourages effective risk-takers and holistic thinkers to come together to create real, actionable change. Instead of restricting the scope of entrepreneurship to one specialty, we encourage entrepreneurship across all fields, and bridge existing communities of different cultures, entrepreneurial circles, and academia to come together as mutual supporters.

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What people say

"I live for the "light bulb" moments students have when they realize that entrepreneurship isn't about imitating Elon--it's about solving problems that matter to them deeply. Focusing on fundamental skills, such as asking questions/receiving feedback without bias is much more important than having some random, grand vision."

Rhonda Shrader, Executive Director at Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship

We are a student group acting independently of the University of California. We take full responsibility for our organization and this web site.

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